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“I teach and live by a simple principle: the more loyal customers you acquire, the more your business will grow.”

-Armand Puyolt

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Proven Strategies for Network Marketing

by Armand Puyolt

Throughout my 27 years in network marketing, I picked up success principles that have helped a lot of people grow their businesses. Mastering these valuable principles is how the <i>5 Steps to Success</i> evolved into one of the most duplicated success systems in network marketing. However, if I would not have lived through all life's ups and downs, I would have thought differently about what works and what does not.

With that in mind, understand that although this handbook if filled with the fundamental skills you will need to learn to be a professional network marketer, my 5 Steps to Success are based on one main concept, "retail to recruit."

Therefore, it is my hope that you will not only learn these skills, but master them and teach others what you have learned.

If you don’t have time to invest in learning the skills to build your business, you will never have time to seriously build your business!

- Armand Puyolt

Learn and master my documented network marketing success system.

Armand - Network Marketing Pro

You will learn:

Armand's 5 Steps to Success

  • <b>Product:</b> Always have product on hand
  • <b>Prospect:</b> Learn how to prospect through product sales
  • <b>Follow Up:</b> The money is in the follow up
  • <b>Sorting:</b> The fortune is in sorting
  • <b>Duplicate:</b> Duplication creates lifestyles

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